Our History

The Himalayan Bazaar on Main Street in Ann Arbor has a unique history.  The relationship between Pem Dorjee Sherpa and Heather O’Neal goes back to 1998 when Heather was trekking to Everest base camp in Nepal.  In the following years, they maintained communication even though Pem lived in a remote village at the time and spoke no English.  Having spent her junior year abroad in Nepal in 1986/87, Heather spoke some Nepali.  Soon after meeting Pem, Heather started a travel company, Of Global Interest Adventure Travel, in Ann Arbor.  She has been leading trips trekking in the Himalayas with Pem's help since her first customer signed up in 2000. From 2000 to 2010, Heather maintained "The Himalayan Bazaar" in her Garage.  When the opportunity to partner with Pem came up, Heather was thrilled.  The two decided to open a store on Main Street where they now sell their tours as well as unique gift items, gear and imports from Nepal.  Over the years, Pem has managed to climb Mt. Everest twice!  He first climbed as a climbing Sherpa.  On his second expedition in 2005, he and his now wife, Moni Mulepati, got married on the summit of Mt. Everest at 29,035 feet.  They made world news with their wedding.  Look for articles on the wall at the store in our "Everest Musuem" about this extraodinary accomplishment.  Pem has been leading tours trekking in Nepal since 1995.  Heather and Pem have also given many talks to a wide range of audiences.  They now work together, combining their efforts to lead tours, give cultural talks and educational presentations and to operate a shop selling Himalayan imports.  At the store you'll learn about the meanings of Buddhist and Hindu rituals, symbols and art, and you will share in the histories of these items.  

Mission Statement

We offer quality imports while incorporating moral and ethical business practices.  We bring exotic gift items and the stories of their origin and usage to Ann Arbor.  We aim to educate the general public about remote cultures and their traditions, international travel, adventure and global awareness.  We hope to bring you around the world - and bring the world around to you.  We strive to provide safe, quality, eco friendly adventures trekking in the Himalayas.  

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to educate the community on culture, travel and adventure, to offer quality, hand crafted gift items that have both meaning and value and which are culturally and ecologically sensitive.  We offer cultural events, presentations and local events and activities to our customers, including community treks around town, inspirational storytellers and cultural guest speakers.  Through our company, Of Global Interest Adventure TravelThe Himalayan Bazaar offers tours trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal twice a year.  

Business Philosophy

Our business should be a resource for travelers, adventurers, educators and a center for building a network of globally interested citizens.  We believe in helping those less fortunate.  Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Therefore we pay fair prices for our goods and work with manufacturers and women’s cooperatives that use ethical and fair business practices.  We visit Nepal yearly and make sure that the working conditions of those we employ meet our standards.  We aim to help villagers better their lives in remote areas of Nepal while doing business in Ann Arbor.  We also believe that travel and cultural understanding will lead to a more peaceful world.

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218 S. Main St
Ann Arbor, Mi 48104


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